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What's the differences between tights and pantyhose?
1. The word "pantyhose" refers to the sheer, undergarment legwear, while the word "tights" refers to opaque and thicker legwear. In England and some European countries, tights are a general garment term for any legwear regardless of thickness or thinness.
2. The thinness of the pantyhose contributes to their vulnerability to tearing, while the thickness of the tights indicates their durability.
3. Pantyhose are used as an undergarment, lingerie while tights are durable, made for a variety of purposes (athletic, performance, casual, or utility), and can be worn by both sexes.
4. The construction of pantyhose requires different combinations of material. The upper part, which serves as underwear, is made of porous material and gets slightly thinner as it reaches the bottom. Meanwhile, tights have a consistent thickness of fabric or material throughout the garment.
5. Tights were made and worn earlier than pantyhose. They have been in fashion since the Middle Ages and still exist to this day. Pantyhose, on the other hand, are considered newer, with their introduction in 1959.
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Bathtub Mixer Taps why pantyhose ?
pantyhose and stockings are sheer material that is worn under short dresses to hide visible veins, blemishes or any scars. pantyhose also standards for all attractiveness and sex appeal without even revealing of the body.
what is fine pantyhose Bathtub-Siphon-With-Overflow
stretch and breathability, resillience and colors are the most important factors to define the pantyhose, transparency is also to be considered if you're looking for some sheer tights
Bathtub Jets No rip tights ?
a tights that never rips ? what a brilliant idea !! these so called no rip tights have extraordinary performance in stretch and resilience but most often than not, they feel like rubber and it does not breath at all, don't waste your money on these.
which is most sexy ? fishnet or Bathtub Control Panel
fishnet bodystocking and sometimes laced nylon bodysuit seem to be most pouplar for european women and also females from Middle East, africa and america. while in Asia, women tend to be a bit more conservative, and they might not be ready to display themselves in these gorgeouse dress
Bathtub Jets why bodystocking
A bodystocking is a one-piece skin-tight garment that covers the torso, legs and sometimes the arms of the wearer. It is a foundation garment or an article of lingerie which has now become an irreplaceable item for sex related occassions
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